Merry Christmas Darling // David & Georgia


He sat there, just lost in his thoughts as he listened to Tyler playing with and making noises for his action figures and he couldn’t help smiling to himself as he listened to him. He jumped though when he felt someone poke him. He looked over to see Georgia grinning at him and he did the same, sticking his tongue out at her as well. He loved hearing her laugh and he joined her, laughing harder when he looked up from Tyler to see her looking at the two of them in mock horror and hurt at the mention of cookies. “Of course I bribed him. And who says it’s just kids that can’t resist cookies love?” he grinned at her as he said it, knowing that she would think he was being ridiculous but if it made her laugh then he didn’t mind at all. “And how many times do I have to tell you to stop apologizing? I don’t think you sounded annoying at all” he shook his head to stop her talking.

He went back to watching the scenery pass by through the window as the cab slowed to and finally came to a complete stop at the curb just outside the flat that Georgia and Tyler lived in. David stepped out of the cab and then offered a hand to Tyler to help him get out but Tyler didn’t bother taking his hand and instead just hopped out of the cab and to the sidewalk. Georgia brushed his hand away as well and he stuck his tongue out at her before grinning as he closed the cab door and then followed her up to the flat and inside. Georgia took all of their coats and hung them all up before locking the door. He grinned as he stood there, just looking around the entry. “I don’t mind coming with you to help. It’s a bit more casual in the kitchen so maybe we ought to just have our chocolate in there” he said with a smile. “Lead the way love” he said with a smile. “Come on buddy. You want hot chocolate?” he asked, turning to see Tyler just standing there watching the two of them together. He saw Tyler grin at him and then nod. David kneeled down and picked him up, swinging him up and onto his shoulders as they made there way down the hall and to the kitchen.

Tyler looked between the two of them almost in horror. It was actually quite funny because at this point he would’ve gone running off, but he stuck between the two of them until they got home. His eyes though were as wide as cookies at the mention of them. Georgia just laughed at David’s mention of children and cookies. Her laughter died down some just a bit at telling her to stop apologizing. “Fine fine.” she said between chuckles.

She would never get tired of seeing David with Tyler because the two of them were just so cute together. Maybe it was just really cute to her because she knew just how much Ty loved David. “Alright then. We’ll have our chocolates in the kitchen.” She said after him and went to the kitchen, bringing out a small pot and milk, pouring it into a small pot and warming up the milk and putting the pouches of chocolate mix and mixing it together, humming as she did so out of habit. She then remembered that she wasn’t alone and looked up to see David and blushed some. “Force of habit.” She didn’t say anything else and brought out three mugs for them, pouring some of the chocolate in them and leaving the rest of it on the stove. Before actually handing them out though, Georgia went to the refrigerator and pulled out a can of whipped cream spraying it in the mugs then handing Tyler and David theirs.

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First Date || David and Georgia


Even after he pulled back from her and dropped his hand from her face he stayed where he was, staring at her. He couldn’t help glancing around and seeing all the people and being worried that one of them could potentially be a photographer.

David couldn’t help smiling as he heard what she said about her son. He stood there with Georgia, just looking up at the amusement and he got an idea. “Maybe the next time we come back over here we could bring him with us. Just make a day of it for him” he said with a grin. He reached down between them as casually and discreetly as he could and took her hand, interlacing their fingers together. “Shall we then?” he asked her, grinning down at her. They walked together in silence.and he kept an acceptable distance between the two of them until they got on and were actually alone together riding up to the top of the Eye. Once they were at the top and able to see the whole of London, David wrapped his arms around Georgia’s waist, feeling comfortable enough knowing that she wasn’t going to smack him or pull away and he pressed a kiss to her temple as they continued to stand there in silence. “So, I um…..I wanted to ask you something” he said after a minute, suddenly feeling just a little nervous that she would reject him again. “I’ve had a great time with you today love. And I want to see you again so could we……maybe if you want to…..go out again. Maybe next week we could go out to dinner and a film instead of doing something quite so public, knowing now that I’m not some sort of psycho killer who is going to try and murder you” he couldn’t help teasing her. He pulled back from her and looked down at her face to watch her reaction and see what she was going to respond with.

Georgia smiled wide when he’d told her just one day they’d bring Ty and make a day of it. “He’d like that.” She almost didn’t notice that David was looking to grab her hand until she felt his hand on hers, interlacing their fingers. She grinned and nodded once when he asked her if they shall, as he put it, and walked with him to the ferris wheel. David had gotten closer to her when they actually entered the ride and were on their way to the top.

The top of the Eye was so beautiful. All of London lit up. It wasn’t something she saw often. And to make it better, David had come over and wrapped his arms around her waist. That was the only thing that broke her attention from the city. She smiled and gave a contented sigh when he kissed her temple just because everything seemed perfect. He broke the silence after a minute with a long sentence asking her out again. The part of about him being a psycho murderer made her chuckle “Well,…” she started out. She actually was looking like she was debating whether or not she wanted to see him again even though she knew her answer. “I had a great time tonight too and I’d love to go out with you again.” she could see the relief wash over his face and she shook her head with a smile. “Come on David. Did you really think I was going to reject you again after the night that we’ve had?” Georgia gave him a disappointed look. “Shame on you, sir.”

First Date || David and Georgia


David frowned at her as he watched her start giggling. He didn’t know if he had said something funny to her and he didn’t really have a chance to ponder it as the waiter came over and handed him the check. He thanked him before he pulled out his credit card and slipped it inside the envelope with the bill. Once that was taken care of, David couldn’t help smiling at her as he picked up the glass in front of him and finishing off the drink left inside of it. It didn’t take long for the waiter to bring back the bill and his credit card. He signed it with a flourish and then slipped the card back into his wallet before getting up and coming around the table to where Georgia was sitting, pulling out her chair for her and offering her a hand to help her stand before he grabbed her coat off the back of the chair she had been sitting in and helping her put it on. “Shall we?” he asked, grinning as he felt her take his hand and interlace their fingers.

He nodded at her words about walking the city and he started off in the direction of the tourist part of the city. He felt a bit guilty when he saw her walking a touch faster to keep up with him, her hands jammed down into her pockets. He stopped walking for a minute in order to face her for a moment. “I’m sorry love. I want to hold your hand but I just don’t want you to become a pariah in the public eye if the press finds out and sees us” he said softly, reaching over and running his finger over her cheek and brushing a few stray pieces of hair away from her face. He stood there for a minute, just looking into her eyes and he couldn’t help feeling even more guilty. Suddenly none of his words mattered and he leaned down, pressing his lips against hers lightly. He expected her to pull back or slap him or something but he was pleasantly surprised by the fact that she didn’t. “We, um…..we should probably keep going” he said with  a soft smile at her.

Of course she was having a hard time keeping up with him seeing as he was a good foot taller than she was. He stopped though so suddenly and told her basically that he wasn’t grabbing her hand just to keep her out of the public eye. Which was reasonable, she guessed. Even though it was late, it was surprising how many photographers were out and about looking for their most recent picture or cover story. They stayed looking at each other though, with him running his thumb over her cheek for a minute and leaned down to kiss her. She thought about pulling back, especially after his little talk about keeping what they had away from anyone else but themselves, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do so because she liked it. He pulled back from her though and smiled softly. “Um, yeah. We should.” After walking a bit and giggling at just some of the stuff they were talking about (because the whole small talk thing wasn’t for her), they’d finally managed to get to get to the infamous London Eye. There was such a big deal when it was finished since it was the tallest Ferris Wheel in Europe. She’d only ridden on it once and that was when it first opened with friends. She hadn’t been on it since then. “Oh I’d love to bring Tyler here one day. I’m just scared he’s going to be scared of how high it is.”

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Georgia Moffet - Doctor Who Q&A

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Merry Christmas Darling // David & Georgia


Once they were sitting in the cab again, Tyler between the two of them playing quietly with his action figures, when he remembered her words from earlier. “I haven’t had anyone, other than my parents, call me by my real name in ages” he said suddenly into the silence of the cab. He couldn’t help laughing as he continued to stare out the window and watch the scenery going by. He got lost in his thoughts once again and actually jumped when she poked him before he turned his attention to them, looking at her again with a smile. “It was fun.” he laughed at the look on her face again when she saw that Tyler had switched sides. “But that man didn’t have to be so rude to us just because we were trying to have some fun in the snow. I won’t be going there again” he said, his smile pulling down at the corners. He looked down at Tyler playing and ruffled his hair. He smiled at him when he looked up from his action figures and smiled. “Did you have fun buddy?” he asked. When Tyler nodded and mentioned the cookies that David had promised, he couldn’t help laughing again. “Yes buddy. I promise I will make sure we get some cookies when we get to my parents house in Scotland in a couple of days” he nodded and when he looked back up at Georgia, he grinned at her. “That’s just it though. There was no reason for him to be so uptight and rude to us. We weren’t hurting anyone and we weren’t in anyone’s way. I just really wanted to make sure you and Tyler had fun. Did you have fun?” he asked quietly as Tyler went back to his action figures.

"I figured it’d be a nice change for you since everyone’s always calling you by your stage name." She looked over to him to see that he was still staring out the window before looking at Tyler next to her and then back out her window. A little after that was when she poked him and saw him jump a bit smiling softly at him. "Good." laughing a bit when he did. Georgia didn’t even want to think about that guy. Just the fact that they’d played in the snow together like a bunch of little kids was good enough. Georgia almost looked at David in joking disbelief that he had bribed her son with cookies in order for him to switch sides. "Oh that is no fair! You completely bribed him. You cheated. You know children can’t resist cookies." She shook her head and crossed her arms, trying to keep the grin off her face. "I know I did. And he did too. So I’m happy." She said with a nod. "Today was fun. And I’m really sorry about earlier. I know I must’ve sounded really annoying and I didn’t apologize back there when I should’ve.”

The cab eventually came to a stop in front of her place and paid the ticket and got picked Tyler up when he got out and carried him up the stairs. She unlocked the front door and had Tyler go in before she and David did. She took her son’s, David’s, and her coat and hung them all in the hallway before walking into the living room. “Well, make yourself comfortable while I make us some warm drinks. Unless you want to help me with that.” She said to David as she started to back up, to go to the kitchen.

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